Friday, August 10, 2012

Warming up session...

a 2013 honda civic stuck in a snow puddle.. hehe, where
got snow in Malaysia daa..
Happy Caking!

A new chapter has begin.. I'm on my way to be the greatest cake decorator in Malaysia, and one of the best in the world.. InsyaAllah.. God bless me! ameen..

Chapter 1. Focusing on my work and sharpening my skills. I've been doing the decorating part for almost 6 years now and the improvement can be seen through our product in Rizqcakes.

 From zero knowledge on decorating at least now I've become something ... I guess :)

I've gone to classes, exploring new skills and referring to quite a number of guru's i can find online.. to  know the technique required to make certain decoration. But my first teacher is my beautiful wife, Ila that introduce me to this new kind of hobby. Yeah, it's a favorite past time at first.. then the self thought process came and become my favorite experiment project..

however, the experiment will cost you a lot as no one will be guiding me in performing the experiments and accomplish my goal. a few time, my experiment, based on the theory that i thought the best to accomplish (just by referring to what i see) did not succeed. some even caused me injury.. huhu, danger danger! hehh! well.. no pain no gain. as long as the determination is there, InsyaAllah.. anything can be done.

my first kungfu panda cake.. building this cake is a
lot of fun! 
PO skeleton.. imagination is king here,
managed to be completed by my Bro in law Datu firdaus
Once I go full swing, I'll be producing a lot more lovable cakes for my customers at Rizqcakes. So, hopefully my product will be much much more up to the grandest quality for both customer and our own satisfaction. A happy client will make us happy too right.. it worth the hardwork and creativity put on the cake